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What are the benefits to a robust CRM?

Customer Relationship Management platforms allow you to interact and do business with your clients, from project and task tracking to sales and customer engagement. CRM solutions streamline and automate processes in a multifaceted approach, enabling you to store, develop, and improve all the data you need to improve customer relationships. You can work smarter, sell your product more effectively, and interact with your customer base from any location.

We support your customer care efforts

MindActive’s ActiveCRM is a fully customizable, on-premises or cloud-based tool. We centralize your customer information with business and individual contact fields. ActiveCRM facilitates open communications via discussion boards, support ticket assignments, even comment sections within active tasks. It allows you to track leads and sales opportunities and analyze the data from current and former customers and projects. ActiveCRM can also be integrated with your existing suite of office and financial support products.

CRM in a hurry

Interested in a CRM that is more out-of-the-box? MindActive also supports a variety of other platforms, including Microsoft products (Dynamics 365 CRM and SharePoint) and Salesforce.

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