No Trolls Allowed – Just Great SharePoint Discussion Boards!

Discussion boards and online forums are intended to be reflective, forcing people to read other perspectives and thoughtfully consider a response in…
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And the (SharePoint) Survey Says...

It’s a pretty safe bet that no one gets excited to see a survey from their management in their inbox, if only…
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3 Steps to Creating a Knowledge Base in SharePoint (That People Actually Use)

Long ago, I spent some time at a global bank helping to manage the technology support desk’s knowledge base (KB) in a…
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SharePoint Implementation: Less Superman, More Justice League

I can personally deploy SharePoint enterprise-wide, from installation and design to administration and training, because I’m incredible. I’m like a bona fide…
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The Great Debate: Microsoft / Office 365 (SharePoint) versus Google / G Suite (Sites)

First, a disclaimer: I love Google. I’ve used Gmail since it was invitation-only, I’m in Google Calendar several times a day, I…
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