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Graphic Design

Congratulations, FlameWave

Congratulations, FlameWave, on going international with your groundbreaking light modules and bulbs. MindActive is honored to be your creative partner for your…
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Casual Responsive Design

  • by
  • 29 September
What's easy about responsive design in a world of pre-fab modules, components, plugins, and sliders?
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Designing For Space Aliens

  • by
  • 22 September
Recently, I watched PBS’s new documentary "The Farthest", which told the story of the Voyager missions. The documentary made me nostalgic, because…
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Logo-A-Go-Go! Identity Design at MindActive

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We at MindActive are admittedly a technical bunch – we’re always showing off our latest projects with cutting-edge web and digital technology…
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More, More, More! Going Maximalist In Graphic Design

  • by
  • 27 July
For years, designers have embraced the ideals of elegance and simplicity. When in doubt, you could always fall back on the time-honored…
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