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And the (SharePoint) Survey Says...

  • by
  • 10 October

It’s a pretty safe bet that no one gets excited to see a survey from their management in their inbox, if only because we’ve been trained to dread surveys by constant exposure to bad ones. I think surveys can be very useful – what other options do you have, to get employee feedback, short of mind-reading? – but there is an epidemic of badly planned and formatted surveys making the rounds in corporate America.

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More Than Custom Emojis – What Polygram’s Facial Recognition Software Could Mean for Developers

  • by
  • 03 October

I’m no social media junky, but even the most reclusive internet user would be hard pressed not to download Polygram. That’s because this budding social network has found a way to make emojis more, well, emotive. The secret? Facial recognition software, which harnesses your devices front-facing camera to generate emojis that match your expression. Kind of like this:

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Casual Responsive Design

  • by
  • 29 September

What's easy about responsive design in a world of pre-fab modules, components, plugins, and sliders?

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Minimalism Makes Money: How Clean Web Design Boosts eCommerce

  • by
  • 28 September

Clean and simple web design doesn’t just make web designers happy — it will also make your eCommerce site more money. How do we know? Neuroscience!

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3 Steps to Creating a Knowledge Base in SharePoint (That People Actually Use)

  • by
  • 27 September

Long ago, I spent some time at a global bank helping to manage the technology support desk’s knowledge base (KB) in a software system called ServiceNow. Our KB was full of technical guides, FAQs, process manuals, and outage alerts. Most of my time was spent going through old, obsolete articles and flagging them for clean-up, trying to track down metadata (e.g., who owns this? Who should maintain this? Who can tell me if this is still accurate, when it hasn’t been updated in years?) or straight up deleting documents that didn’t apply anymore (think Windows XP support, or an outage warning for a system update that happened years ago).

It was a nightmare. It’s also why I prefer SharePoint for my KBs.

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